Flu Game 12’s WP15

Flu Game 12’s are Jordan 12’s  with a red and black colorway. They go for around 200 dollars plus. Jordan 12 Flu Game where named after Micheal Jordan’s game where he had flu like symptoms and he played a fa nominal game dropping 38 points, The where dubbed Flu Game 12’s because of his striking […]

SBC 10 Blog Audit

I have posted nine posts since October 2015 I have one school based post, I have two challenge posts, 5 personal interest posts. I have 22 comments from classmates, teachers and overseas students I had a lot with 3 visits but most of them where shoe related, I think it had the most because people in […]

Hoverboards WP14

This week I am going to write about Hoverboards. There are a lot of different names such as 2 wheel self balancing electric scooter but i’m just going to call them Hoverboards. Hoverboards come in a variety of colors such as red, black, blue, green, white, gold and many more. I am getting a red […]

Favorite Video Games WP13

My favorite video games are Madden 16, NBA 2k16 and CS:GO. I like Madden 16 because it is fun to play with friends, my favorite team on Madden 16 is the patriots, the patriots are my favorite team and there offense is really good. I like NBA 2k16 because it is really fun to play. […]

Favorite NFL Players WP12

My favorite players in the NFL are Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Legarrette Blount. I like these players because they are on my favorite team, Patriots. I like Tom Brady because he is statistic wise the best quarterback to ever live, he is also really good considering his age. I like Rob Gronkowski because he […]

My favorite NBA Players WP11

Now I am going to talk about my favorite basketball players in the NBA. My favorite players are James Harden, J.R Smith, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. I like James Harden because he is really good at shooting the ball. I like Russell Westbrook because he is a savage and dunks on everybody. i like […]

Slim Jims WP10

If you didn’t know already I am in love with Slim Jims! Slim Jims are meat sticks that are either really big or really small. They taste so good that there my favorite snack. There also really cheap, there like a dollar and fifty cents for one. I like the original flavor because there is […]

My School Lunch

I buy my lunch at my school. My favorite lunch is the pepperoni bosco sticks. They also have pizza, spicy chicken sandwiches, corn dogs, tacos, orange chicken and rice, hamburgers and hot dogs. You can also get milk, chocolate milk, water or juice. The way I get my food at school is I wait in […]

My Family SBC 3

My favorite time with my family is when we go to Disney Land or Santa Cruz over October break.  When we go to Disneyland we usually go fore 2 days and go to both parks. We go to Disneyland the first day and California Adventure the second day. My families favorite ride in Disneyland is […]

California Drought

I am writing about the drought because the drought is bad for California.  It important to me because I want the drought to stop so I can shower longer.Its important to other people because people cant use water as much as they want. Affects people and animals Reliance on Snowpack Climate Variability Climate Change Groundwater […]